Recover Data from External Hard Drive with Bad Sectors

Want to Recover Data from External Hard Drive with Bad Sectors?

Have you ever stopped with an error massage while accessing data from external hard drive? Or encounter a message flashing on computer screen with some information like “failed to read data from the disk” with sector number? If so, your external hard is certainly affected with bad sectors. But you do not have to be panicked for your important data since there is an excellent app for you to recover data from external hard drive with bad sectors. With the aid of this External Drive Recovery software, you can easily perform data recovery from HDD affected with bad sectors.

Know about factors, which are accountable for creation of bad sectors on an external hard disk-

  • Improper System Shutdown- While working on computer, be sure there is proper current supply to the system. If the power surge happens and system shuts down abruptly, it would result in forming bad sectors on external hard drive from which data is being accessed. Often user also turns off the system forcefully or tries to restart it hardly. Performing such actions, simply results in formation of bad sectors.
  • Hard Disk Defects- Bad sectors on an external hard drive may be caused due to various type defects like pollution of the air within unit, surface wear, scratches on hard disk surface or read / write header crash etc. These defects are solely responsible for damaging the external HDD and rising of bad sectors.
  • Viruses or Malwares- No doubt, viruses can affect functionality of system software and hardware component severely. Viruses and malwares are equally responsible for creating bad sectors on hard disk drive.
  • Other Factors- Hard drive bad sectors may also caused by other aging hardware for example dodgy data cables, bad processor fan and an overheated hard drive etc.

In such above described conditions, you will find your crucial data inaccessible from external hard disk. Therefore, you must take help of professional data recovery software to recover data from external hard drive with bad sectors.

External Drive Recovery software is a supreme utility that has powerful data extraction algorithms, which takes very short span of time to restore HDD files with bad sectors. One can make use of this tool to retrieve data from USB hard drive with bad sectors after formatting. This software guarantees complete recovery of lost files from external HDD hard drive that is crashed or severely damage. By following this link, you can make it too easy to rescue external hard drive files with bad sectors or from crashed HDD. Software is equally compatible with machines that are running on Windows and Macintosh operating systems. You can utilize this app to recover data from external hard drive with bad sectors that are from various manufacturers. Click on to recover Samsung HDD files with this tool.

Easy Steps to Recover Data from External Hard Drive with Bad Sectors:

Step 1: Download external drive recovery tool and install it on you PC or laptop successfully. After launching the software, a main window appears with three options. Select "Recover Drives" option as shown in figure 1.

Recover Data from External Hard Drive with Bad Sectors - Main Window

Figure 1 : Main Window

Step 2: Choose corrupted external hard disk from the list and click on "Next" button to begin scanning and recovery process as shown in figure 2.

Rescue External Hard Drive Files with Bad Sectors - Select Corrupted Hard Disk

Figure 2 : Select Corrupted Hard Disk

Step 3: After successfully completion of data recovery process, you can preview recovered data by clicking on "Preview" button as shown in figure 3. Save recovery session, in order to avoid rescanning of your external hard disk.

Retrieve Data from USB Drive with Bad Sectors - Preview Recovered Data

Figure 3 : Preview Recovered Data

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