External Hard Drive Reformat Recovery

External Hard Drive Recovery after Reformatting

In this hi-tech world, every individual want to keep his or her large amount of important data with ample security. An external hard disk allows us to amass enormous data in easy and safe way. It is also portable and compatible in different operating system with its work efficiency. Sometimes, you may need to recreate the disk drives or refresh complete storage media to gain the access of complete memory space. In that case reformatting of the disk will be most useful, which gains your external hard disk to a new state. It removes leftover files, old data, unused applications and other junk files from your external drive.

Oops! Have you formatted your external hard drive without taking a proper back up of your valuable information? Are you confused about appropriate way to recover your lost data? No worry, here is the best External Hard Drive Recovery software to fulfill your entire requirements quickly. You can employ this renowned application to perform external hard drive reformat recovery in most circumstances. Let us see some common scenarios USB disk reformatting.

Improper Formatting Operation: Intact data from external hard drive can be lost after improper formatting operation. Here, improper formatting denotes inappropriate selection of file system when you are formatting the drive. If format your FAT 32 formatted USB drive with NTFS file system or vice-versa, then reformatting occurs. It results to complete data loss. Besides that, you may also format or reformat wrong drive on external disk. Then, use this effective tool to get satisfied result after external hard drive reformat recovery.

Reformat Error: One can lose entire data from a drive of external disk due to error occurred during reformatting. When you reformat your USB drive, if your system is forcibly turned off or eject that external disk, you may lose all data from that drive due to abrupt termination of reformatting process. Then, if you try to access the unformatted external drive, you may get a corruption error that does not allow you to use data on it. In that case, use this link to recover files from corrupted external hard disk: www.externaldriverecovery.com/files-from-corrupted-hard-disk.html

You can avoid complete data loss due to USB drive reformatting by taking some precautions. If reformatting is very important for you, take a proper back up of your essential information carefully. To perform successful external hard drive reformat recovery, do not use your USB external drive before recovery. Whenever, you are attempting to recover your reformatted drive, always use a trustworthy drive restoration program.

External Hard Drive Recovery is one such application that fulfils all requirements of complete recovery tool for external drive. It is designed to restore crashed USB external drive data besides reformat recovery. You can be able to retrieve intact information from FAT 32, FAT 16, NTFS formatted drive on Windows and HFSX, HFS+, HFS volumes on Mac computers. Even, you can utilize this prominent recovery application to restore system partition after deletion, corruption or after formatting. This application will be equally applicable to perform external hard drive reformat recovery on most of the well-known brands. To follow easy steps for Seagate HDD partition recovery on your system, use this link: https://externaldriverecovery.com/retrieve-data-from-seagate-goflex-external-hdd.html

Procedure For External Hard Drive Reformat Recovery:

Step 1: Install and launch this external drive recovery application on your computer and connect your external drive to it. After that, select "Recover Drives" option from main screen.

External Hard Drive Reformat Recovery - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, choose appropriate drive from your external disk from where you want to restore essential data and then click on "Next".

External HDD Recovery Tool - Select Drive

Fig 2: Select Drive

Step 4: After completion of external drive recovery, you can "Preview" recovered files before saving them in your system.

Formatted External Drive Recovery - Recovered Data

Fig 3: Recovered Data


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