How to Recover Deleted & Lost Files from Toshiba External Hard Drive?

External hard drive is the portable digital storage device which is use to store all the digital files such as photos, music, videos, documents, spreadsheets and so on. Toshiba is one of the leading manufacturers of storage device, having a large contribution in manufacturing of external storage devices. It permits secured and easy data storage to its users. You can easily take this portable device from one place to another and can easily share your files with other systems. With the sharing of files from other system, there must be some risks are also involved of losing your important files due to several reasons. Losing your files is an inevitable situation which you can’t ignore, if once it happens. All you can do to prevent such situations is that you must keep a proper backup files for all your important data. Thus, you can simply recover them back at the time of data loss. This will be a real smart way of recovering files from formatted Toshiba external hard drive. But, usually users don’t bother of keeping backups for their work in such cases they use to sacrifice their data from Toshiba external hard drive. At such instances, all you need to do is that you can use External Drive Recovery software to cope out from this miserable situation.

External Drive Recovery software is having an interactive GUI, which helps them in entire process of recovering files from formatted Toshiba external hard drive. Users who don’t have enough technical knowledge for data recovery from Toshiba external hard drive, they can also perform easy data recovery process. Generally, after losing any files from external hard drive, users consider it that they had lost that file forever from their system which is not true. Actually, after getting deleted from external hard drive, files only lose their pointer which was pointing towards their memory address. This make them invisible from file system, but the existence of files were still at its respective place. So, if you are using the external hard drive even after data loss then there is a chance that new data can overwrite the older data, resulting to permanent data loss from Toshiba external hard drive. Thus, as user encounters the data loss problem then they can employ External Drive Recovery software as soon as possible.

Scenarios leading to deletion/loss of files from Toshiba hard drives:

File System Corruption: Generally, users use their portable external hard drive to different systems. Unfortunately, they connect their device to any virus infected system which causes instant virus attack and henceforth users are compelled to reset entire file system by formatting the drive.

Accidental Deletion: The file once gets deleted from external hard drive won’t go to the Recycle Bin on Windows system or Trash folder on Mac based system. At such cases, users can experience severe data loss from Toshiba external hard drive.

Improper Data Transfer: User might encounter some interruption while doing data transfer from computer to external hard drive or vice versa. This can cause severe data loss from external hard drive.

Other Reasons: Other reasons of data loss from external hard drive are improper installation of external hard drive to computer system, file system corruption, abrupt system shutdown, and so on.

External Drive Recovery Software to Recover Data from Toshiba Hard Drive:

External Data Recovery software can resolve all the above mentioned scenarios of data loss within few easy clicks. It can restore files from formatted Toshiba external hard drive with the help of its advanced algorithm which is capable of scanning entire external hard drive in one go. While recovering files from formatted Toshiba external hard drive, it uses its read only mode of data scan which means that it won’t make any modification to their recovered files. This software is abdle to recover data from external hard drive with bad sectors with quite an easy manner. It supports both Windows as well as Mac OS X for recovering files from formatted Toshiba external hard drive.

Remarkable features of External Drive Recovery software:

  • Easily recovers data from corrupted external hard drive.
  • Recover files from external drives such as USB hard drive, Memory card, FireWire drive, etc quickly.
  • Easily restore lost files from crashed external hard drive without damaging the source file
  • Advanced and fast recovery engine efficiently identifies and recovers more than 300 file types
  • Powerful built-in algorithms help to recover data from external hard disk on Mac OS X Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard etc. and also latest versions of Windows OS like Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Steps to recover data from Toshiba external hard drive:

  • Download and install this software on your system and then launch the tool to open its main screen as shown in below figure. From the Min Screen select, Recover Partitions option. Then, a list of all the available disk drives in the system are displayed. Now, select the Maxtor hard disk and hit Scan button to initiate the scanning process

External Drive Recovery - Home Screen

  • Now, the software scans the entire Maxtor external Hard Disk to find all it's partitions. Once scanning is completed, a list of found partitions are displayed. Now, choose the partition from where files has to be recovered and click Scan button to begin the recovery process

External Drive Recovery - Choose Removable Drive

  • Upon the completion of scanning process, a list of recovered files are displayed. You can view the recovered files in Data View, and File Type View.

External Drive Recovery - View Recovered Data

  • Lastly, preview the recovered files and save them in any desirable location

External Drive Recovery - View Recovered Data


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For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users